The wolf that lives inside you


The wolves inside you Yesterday I received a very powerful and interesting email, so much so I actually recorded a short podcast about it, even though I should have been asleep in bed! It was a story about the two wolves that reside inside you (stay with me it’s worth it). The email went along…

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Making the essential changes in your life


How to make a change Change is something, I believe, we all want to do.  There is always something in our lives that we think, “heck my life would be better if I could just change that one habit.”  That habit could be to stop overeating, to stop smoking, to get more exercise, maybe it’s…

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Building the best you

LenaSevcikova / Pixabay

What does it take to be a better you? It’s an interesting question and one that I want to tackle today as it is a subject that it very close to my heart.  In fact I have been trying to build a better me for the last year and it’s been a struggle to be…

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Are you being imprisoned by your comfort zone?


I am sure you have heard of the “comfortzone.”  It is not something you can see, or touch, but it is something you know you have.  It is that area in your life that keeps you from going from good to great!  It is where you feel comfortable, where everything is “ok” but where you will never progress to…

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Finding Happiness


4 Top Tips For Finding Happiness In the world we live in, many of us believe that we will find happiness if we have more money that will allow us to buy more stuff!  You know a new phone, a nicer car, a bigger house… the list goes on.  However, to be honest, more “things” won’t…

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