Get the insider tips on how to find unadvertised jobs

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My top 3 tips for finding hidden job opportunities! I bet you might not have known that employment studies have found that up to 80% of jobs are actually unadvertised! How can this be you might ask?  Quite simply because jobs are not being posted due to the fact that companies are now using more referral programs –…

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9 top tips for succeeding at interviews

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Ace that interview! Once you have submitted your resume, you then have to wait and hope that you are called for interview.  Of course this is what many people fear!  The interview, selling yourself, deciding on what to say. Ahhhhh! For many it is nerve racking, but just hold on and let’s see what top…

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Get more success at virtual job fairs


The traditional job fair is something I am sure you are familiar with.  You walk from exhibition booth to exhibition booth looking at the recruiters, perhaps talking to one or two of them, and of course collecting free pens and other assorted goodies. However things are changing and these traditional job fairs are too! There is…

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Weekly Summary for week ending 26th October


How is it going? I am so sorry that there was a delay with the summary for last week. To be honest I lost focus a bit and did not get around to updating the summary – yes really, really bad I know, but that is another story I may tell you about if you…

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Oh so tired and look what is happening!


A different type of post today, about being tired and how it affects you! Ok let me first start this post with a disclaimer!  I am not a medical doctor, never have been, never will be one and have never played one in a movie!  (You know with all the legal issues and suing and…

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