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We´ve talked a lot about self confidence, but there is another word often used and that is self esteem.  At that this point I think it is necessary to define what self esteem.

How you feel and how you think about yourself is what determines your self esteem.  The negative and positive thoughts you have about yourself will affect your self esteem.  The more positive thoughts you have about yourself, the more self esteem you will have.  The more negative thoughts you have the lower your self esteem.

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Self confidence can help you succeed


Can being more self confident help you succeed in more aspects of your life?

By the time you read this article you might be thinking, whoa Richard, where exactly does one get self confidence? Can I get it? Why do I not have it?

Well can I answer these questions with just one word? You, yes that´s it You can have everything if you want it!

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Your self image and confidence


Over the last number of days I  have been talking to you about self confidence. We have seen so far, that self confidence can be affected by our past, our upbringing, our peers and also by our inner critic. Today I want to talk to you about your self image.

Self image is something that those in the profession, ie Psychologist, have studied for years, to find out how it shapes us.  There is no one singular definition of self image, so let´s keep it simple and say that self image, in its most basic form, is about how we feel and see ourselves.  Self image encapsulates some of the following; how we see our status in life, how we view our role in society, how we physically look and feel.  All of these items contribute to self image.

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Your inner critic and self confidence


It´s time to talk about the inner critic.  Oh yes, that voice that talks us out of things, tells us we are not good enough and more. Today is the day we are going to talk about this and what you can do.

So what is the inner critic?  It is the voice inside us that we all hear.  Everyone has it, and it´s not a sign of madness.  It is the voice that you hear when you are thinking of making a decision, when you have something on your mind. The first thing I have to tell you is that although there is no scientific or even biological explanation to this voice, it is something that is natural and there with you all the time.  It is the voice, sometimes loud, sometimes just a whisper that often tells us we are not making the right decision, we are not worthy of success, that what we are planning will not work out.  I guess you´ve heard that voice right?

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How to increase self confidence


The key to confidence lies in how we see ourselves.  If we see ourselves as not worthy, how can we be confident?  In order to be confident we must understand and accept who we are and what has happened to us and our experiences.  My partner once said to me – In order to be the success that you can be, you need to sort out your mindset.  No truer words have been spoken.  If there´s shit going on in your head, and you don´t feel confident, or you doubt your abilities there is no way that you will be able to act or feel confident.

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